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Notice of Cable Television Rate Increase

Each year the companies that provide the programs we broadcast on our cable system increase the fees that they charge.  Unfortunately, this year is no exception.  The programmers continue to be extremely aggressive in their price increases.  The basic cable programs have increased in price an average of over 12%, while the retransmission fees for the off air channels from the Twin Cities and Eau Claire have average price increases of over 65%. 

As our programming and service costs continue to escalate, on March 1, 2015 we increased our cable television rates as to the amount shown below:

 TV Essentials (featuring Twin Cities & Eau Claire Channels) $32.95                      

Basic Service (featuring 80 channels of programming) $74.95

Premium Service (featuring 121 channels plus 41 music channels) $99.95

Entertainment Bundle (Telephone, Basic Cable, 10MB/1MB Internet)$129.95

Entertainment Bundle Plus (Telephone, Premium Cable, 10MB/1MB Internet)  $149.95

The prices above do not include applicable taxes and fees.

Please review your telephone bills!  It will save you money.
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