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10Mb/1Mb           $59.95
12Mb/1Mb           $69.95
25Mb/3Mb           $79.95
25Mb/5Mb           $99.95
All plans are $10 more if not bundled with basic telephone service, includes ELS
All Internet Plans include extra email accounts, junk mail and virus filter, web space, and content filter.  

Some plans may not be available in all areas.
Modems not purchased through our office may not  be supported.  Activation fees apply.

YOU are responsible for your Internet connection and Internet use.  Please click here to read Grantsburg Telcom's complete customer agreement, acceptable use policy, and copyright notice.
You have enough to worry about....don't let your computer be on that list.
With SecureIT, all you have to do is let one of the technicians install it, and let the program do the rest. 
Click Here for more information  about  SecureIT's products.

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Additional Services
With Webmail, you can access your new Emails from any online connection in the world, simply by going to our website!
Email Protection
SPAM and virus-carrying email messages have been increasing in number and complexity. 
We also have a outbound email spam filtering system.  This system is protection for our mail servers to ensure delivery of legitimate email to other email providers and as protection for you, to alert you if your computer has been infected with a spam sending virus, a spambot or if the password for your account has been compromised to allow spammers to send messages via webmail.
Adult Content Filtering
Our adult content filter is free with all dial-up and dsl internet packages.  Choose from 1 of 6 levels to customize the filter for your household.  This great product can protect your family from unwanted internet content and it's free!  Click here to sign up.
Web Hosting and Domain Names
If your thinking about creating a web page, we have all the answers!  We will set up your domain name, host your web page, create virtual email accounts, and even provide you with free Web Statistics! Download Application.
Business Solutions
We also offer additional email accounts, FTP sites, and complete business solutions, please go to our Business page for more information.

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